Track policy changes,
make a difference.

Built for law

    Policy spans space and time, MonQcle enables policy experts to navigate this complex territory.

    Use an intuitive workspace to collaborate, create research projects, track policy, and share knowledge.

Unite your research

    Enable continuity and turn knowledge into action.

    Distribute crucial knowledge across dynamic teams.

    New team members quickly become experts and produce actionable knowledge.

Tell Your Story

    Engage your audience with interactive visualizations of queryable data.

    Manage and deploy web applications that fit your brand and support your mission.

How it works

With the help of the MonQcle, research is transformed into a pipeline of knowledge

    Start with an idea     Reinforce it with objective data     Explore your findings and understand it instinctively     Share knowledge and inspire new ideas from your audience


  Identify domain of law


  Collect relevant legislation


  Get answers to questions


  Visualize and Query


  Broadcast or export data


  Connect to your findings

A workspace that helps you work

  MonQcle brings these tools together in a comprehensive research workspace       Sort through and markup legal text       Add references to questions       Quickly navigate using tags and bookmarks

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    Work independently

    Full suite of features

    Create and search a library of diverse sources

    1 Dataset Project



    Share projects with coworkers

    Access to full suite of optional features

    Build and collaborate on research projects

    10 Dataset Projects



Even more ways to create impact with your work:


    Hosted websites

    Developer API

    Visualization libraries

    Quality control assistance

    Live remote training